Numbness & Tingling

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Obdormition (; from Latin obdormire "to fall asleep") is a medical term describing numbness in a limb, often caused by constant pressure on nerves or lack of movement. This is also referred to as a limb "going to sleep," usually followed by paresthesia, colloquially called "pins and needles".
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Extremity Pain, Numbness and Tingling
Extremity symptoms such as arm and hand pain, numbness and tingling are common following motor vehicle accidents (MVA's). They are caused by thoracic outlet syndrome, myofascial adhesions, muscular trigger points, and spinal disc lesions.

It's important to note that these symptoms are commonly not experienced until weeks or even months after the injury. A study, published in the Britain Journal of Rheumatology, involved 37 motor vehicle injury patients and found 35% had an onset of arm and hand symptoms (upper extremity symptoms) beyond 3 months of the accident.

This reinforces the need for proper and full treatment of MVA injuries. Failure to receive appropriate treatment (where injured tissues are fully healed and tissue functioning is adequately restored) is a major contributor to the development of these symptoms.